Walking Dead: Signs pointing to Negan and Saviors


*******SPOILER ALERT**************

Signs seem to be pointing to the appearance of Negan and the Saviors on the Walking Dead. 

Looking at the latest episode of The Walking Dead titled “What’s Happened and What’s Going On,” there seems to be a lot of hints of a certain character from the comic book making his appearance soon. That character would be the villain Negan. There have not been any news from the television series of an actor that has been cast for that role at this point, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t hint at his appearance. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said that we should not expect to see Negan any time soon.

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There still are signs that he could make his appearance at some time. If you are unaware, Negan is the villain on The Walking Dead comic series that leads a group of Survivors called the Saviors. This is a brutal group that takes over camps. They could have taken over the town in Richmond, VA.

The first bit of foreshadowing of Negan came when Glenn was holding a baseball bat. Anyone that knows about the comics and Glenn’s run in with Negan’s baseball bat likely saw that as a sign. You could see some of the twitter reaction when he picked up that baseball bat.

In the comic series, Glenn gets his head bashed in with a baseball bat at the hands of Negan. The baseball bat is named Lucille and has barbed wire wrapped around it. That little moment of Glenn holding the bat had to be placed on the show as a little teaser for all those comic fans.

Also in Noah’s house, Noah’s mother was lying on the floor and it looked as if her head was bashed in. That is the signature killing of Negan. The same type of death that could be suffered by Glenn on the show.

There were a number of dead bodies with severed parts on the episode. This could have been a sign of the Saviors coming through the town. They are not a friendly group of people and if the people of the town were not willing to cooperate, then it seems that the Saviors took care of them in their brutal ways. It wasn’t the walkers that cut the people up. That is the job of other humans. We have to assume that people took over the town and not walkers. It seems that the Saviors and Negan will be making their appearance very soon.

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