Another New Character To Be Introduced On The Walking Dead


Last week, fans of The Walking Dead were introduced to Aaron, the well dressed mystery man in the woods.  This week, we’ll get to meet another character in the comic book series.  According to The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook, we’ll get to meet Eric.

Fans of the comic book know Eric as Aaron’s partner, both in scouting and in life.  Eric’s job in the comics is to keep an eye on Aaron and to strike if things go wrong during his pitches.  He also listens in remotely to the discussions that go on between Aaron and the other groups of survivors.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Eric will be played by Jordan Woods-Robinson.  While I’m not familiar with his work, he is seemingly pretty well known for his role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 where he played the role of Snow’s stylist.  He’s also had roles on shows like Guiding Light and Red Band Society.

In all likelihood, we will see Aaron introduce the group to Eric once they agree to audition for a job in the community that Aaron tells them about during the introduction of the show.  It is also possible that Eric reacts poorly to Rick’s response to Aaron’s pitch to the group of survivors and jumps in to stop what is going on.

Either way, it sounds as though season 5 episode 11, titled The Distance, will have us getting to know Aaron and introducing us to Eric while they try to convince Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the group into coming to their community.  Whether or not they are able to talk them into coming to their sanctuary is yet to be seen though.

The Walking Dead S5E11: The Distance will air on AMC on Sunday night.  Check your local listings for time and availability.

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