Walking Dead Spoiler: The Distance Summary


The Walking Dead returns on Sunday and we have the summary of events that the group will go through

**************SPOILER ALERT***************

The people at the Spoiling Dead have done it again. They have the spoilers for the next episode “The Distance.”

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Here are the bulletpoints that they have for the episode:

"– Maggie brings Aaron to into the barn. Aaron convinces them he has a safe place they can stay at. Rick punches him.– Rick sends others out to scout area and look for Aaron’s vehicles and friend.– Rick and Judith stay behind at barn, Aaron is tied up. Judith won’t stop crying, Aaron offers some apple sauce which Rick believes to be poisoned.– The group comes back and confirms and RV and vehicle exists, but no one else is found. They vote on going with Aaron, but Rick wants to make the trip on his own terms.– They leave at night in Aaron’s car and RV. Rick, Michonne, Glen and Aaron are in the front car with the rest of Ricks group following in the RV. They hit a herd of walkers but don’t slow down so the RV does not run into them. The RV is no longer following them. Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron have to abandon the car.– A flare goes up, Aaron says it’s his friend. Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron head into the woods. After fighting off some walkers they see Daryl, who whistles them into a building. Eric is there along with the RV group who had saved Eric after he shot the flare because he was apparently in trouble.– The next morning they leave for the safe zone. Rick stashes a pistol in an old blender outside the walls of the safe zone. The group gets out of their vehicles and wait for the gates to open. End of episode.Note: the information is correct at the time of posting. As always, anything can change by the time it hits our TV."

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Holy madness! We get to see the Alexandria Safe Zone, but we will only get to the gates and we won’t be able to see what it looks like inside. It doesn’t sound like we will meet many residents of the Safe Zone at this point either, except for Eric.

It sounds like the audience will love this episode and it will leave them with the cliffhanger of Alexandria. We won’t know if they are getting led into a trap like Terminus or if it is actually a place that they can stay.

I can’t wait to see this whole thing go down!

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