Daryl finds trouble in 90-minute Walking Dead season finale


Daryl will get into a little trouble in the Walking Dead season finale. The episode will be 90-minutes long.

The Walking Dead season finale is still a few episodes away, but we will get some extra love on that night as AMC will be airing a 90-minute episode on March 29th. In the finale, Daryl will find himself in trouble while out on a run while Rick and the group will continue to feel like outsiders in the Alexandria Safe Zone according to Entertainment Weekly.

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The Talking Dead will air immediately after the show. Daryl is still alive at the finale, but will he survive that episode? He sounds like he is in trouble and the producers of the Walking Dead always like to throw those curve balls for people. Will Daryl be the shocking death to end the season? That would get people talking for a while.

What kind of trouble will Daryl get into? Will it be with the walkers or will it be because of these “Wolves” that we had seen trails of in the previous episodes?

At our current spot on the show, the group is at the gates of Alexandria and will be looking to enter for the first time. There still is plenty of story to build before we get to a season finale, but we all can know that we will see Daryl in trouble.

There are a lot of people that hate the idea of Daryl dying. He has become one of the most popular characters on the show. He is a wild card for the comic readers since he is not part of the comics. How much longer will he last on the show?

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