It’s All About Survival Now


The Age of Darwinism

Dearly beloved. We gather here today to say goodbye. The past has deceased and seized to be, and it’s not coming back. Ever. A eulogy for the days of moral discussion before action, innocent farming days, an optimistic hope for the good in people… Gone. Rick Grimes is not and cannot be the same Sheriff we first met five years ago. He is no ‘constable’ any longer. That Rick can only be found in tattered photos and dusty home videos. This man has seen things. A terrible loathsome ‘thing’. The true nature of man.

There’s no way back. Walkers didn’t do this. There’s no zombie post traumatic disorder, ZPTD groups that would fix what Rick’s experienced. Walkers are merely a symptom of a grander affliction. Simplistic in nature, cause and action. Predictable. It’s the danger of competition that is not. Competition over resources, as it has always has been. Apocalypse settings reminds us of who we truly are.

No modern world conveniences taken for granted. Fading away in the background, like comforting white noise. Forever a tension, between who will blink first. Show strength or you display weakness. That’s why a mere two seasons back, Rick’s offer to The Governor to live together was unacceptable. Blind faith and conjecture on moral character have no home where your life is at stake. When one wrong move signals potential demise, naivety finds itself under a filthy cardboard box. Homeless. Stepped over and ignored, without regard, kindness or guilt. Nobody wants to find themselves or their family underneath that dirt-stained box. At the mercy of generosity by strangers. Neither does Rick. It’s all about survival now, in the Age of Darwinism.

Down Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a cozy street in the welcoming neighborhood of your mind. It’s little traveled day-to-day, but every once in a while the door bill rings. Special delivery. An exceptional haircut or sheriff’s uniform ignite the burning desire to reconcile with the past. An opportunity to give it another go, so to speak. The reality of nostalgia is that only the desire for it is real. The tangibles no longer are. Physically, Rick Grimes just received a new haircut, navy-blue shirt and slacks. He only shaved away the past superficially. It will not change who Rick has become. The man looking back at him in the mirror, has irreversibly been altered. Forever.

The Stranger’s Ivories: Wagering Faith and Absolute Truth

Is a congresswoman’s ivory smile enough to wager your life on? A mother hen-like presence, one promising community and transparency. A world where resources are evermore finite, and utopia visions lie in mirage. Terrain where morality is adaptable, malleable and most of all… Expendable. Eden, when with few inhabitants. A silent purgatory of misery in overpopulation. Will you lurch through life without purpose, hoping they get it right? Or like Rick said, “We’ll just take it”. Be judge and sheriff. Hold destiny in the palms of your hands. The gavel of Exodus. It’s all about survival now. Owning the right to survival, rather than being owned.

Survival… Survival of the Fittest

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