Norman Reedus owns Rick Grimes’ beard


Rick Grimes finally was able to shave off the nasty beard and Norman Reedus wanted to keep it for his collection. 

Finally Rick Grimes has shaved off that nasty looking beard and is looking like a human being all over again. That beard was getting huge, but with the group landing in Alexandria, everyone had the opportunity to clean up and take showers. Rick was able to clean up, get a new cut and shave off the beard.

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After all the filming was done, Norman Reedus wanted the shavings as a little memento. Here is what Andrew Lincoln said on UPI:

“They put two cameras on me, gave me some scissors and rolled the tape,” Andrew Lincoln explained. “I was so kind of transfixed by who this guy was underneath this and it was such an extraordinary thing to see, and the weirdest thing is that [co-star] Norman [Reedus] said, ‘I want your beard.’ So, I had to collect all the stuff in a bag and then Norman wanted… For some reason only known to Norman Reedus, he wanted my beard and I think it is still in his refrigerator back in Atlanta.”

Isn’t that a Norman Reedus type of thing to do? I would think that Daryl Dixon on the show would save the shavings as well. I don’t even know what you would do with that hair. I am not sure if I want to know.

Has Daryl taken that shower yet? He needs to get that done because he is looking haggard around Alexandria. He hasn’t quite adapted to the new area yet.

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