The Walking Dead: How will Daryl adapt to Alexandria?


On the latest The Walking Dead, how will Daryl Dixon adapt to the new community that the group has found with the Alexandria Safe Zone? 

Will Daryl Dixon find a way to fit in with the new community? Life is a little different for everyone at the moment. The group is in the Alexandria Safe Zone and everyone is getting cleaned up and taking showers. Rick even shaved off his beard and is looking pretty fresh, but Daryl refuses to be civilized at all.

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Daryl still has not taken a shower like the rest of the group has done. Carol even said that she would hose him down if she had to. Daryl is still ripping up rodents on the front porch of a nice looking house for dinner. Deanna has not given him any responsibilities in the community, while she has given out responsibilities to other members.

How is Daryl going to find his identity in this new town? Daryl has always been a wild card for comic readers. We don’t know what curve ball he throws into the equation while he is around.

Deanna has exiled people from the community in the past, so Daryl could be a candidate for something like that to happen. He was not put on the supply-run, when he clearly would be the top member of the group to be put on that team. He needs to adapt to the new world, but he doesn’t seem to be the adaptable type.

Can Daryl adjust to the new life? Will he be able to make the adjustments needed to fit in with the community? What will happen to him if he refuses to make the adjustments?

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