Walking Dead: Is Daryl playing a current comic character?


Is Daryl Dixon a character that is in the Walking Dead comics? Is he Walking Dead comic character Dwight? 

Daryl has been mentioned a lot recently for the season finale. There is talk that he will find some trouble in the season finale and Norman Reedus said that the fans should bring out a Kleenex for the episode and we all would be screaming at the TV.  What are they trying to set up? I am sure that the showrunners are trying to pull on emotions and make people believe that Daryl s going to die, but I can’t believe that they would move in that direction.

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What if they make Daryl get separated from the rest of the crew? What if Daryl has been playing the part of a comic member this whole time right under our noses? What if?


If you are up on the comics, then you know about this character named Dwight. Could Daryl be playing the role of Dwight? Has he been set up to play that role the whole time?

In the comics, Dwight is known for his crossbow just like Daryl Dixon. Both Dayrl and Dwight dress similarly with a vest without a shirt underneath. Those are some similarities on the surface at least.

Just look at this comic drawing and tell me which AMC character you think of. Sure looks like Daryl Dixon on the photo.

How can Daryl fully get into the Dwight character? Dwight is part of the Saviors group with Negan. Dwight is loyal to Rick even though he still is hanging out with the Saviors.

Just looking at Daryl’s manners in the first day in the Alexandria Safe Zone and it seems that he is uncomfortable with the idea of staying around there. With all the talk about trouble and Kleenex, people would think that he is going to die, but what if he actually just leaves the Safe Zone and disappears for a bit? It is possible that Deanna exiles him like others have been in the past.

If Daryl is exiled, we will have to wonder when he makes his return and when he does make his return will he have a certain iron burn on his face. If Daryl is sent packing and removed from the rest of the group, then we could be set up for the Dwight parallel. It seems like a real possibility.

What do the comic readers think?

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