The Walking Dead S5E13 Preview: ‘Forget’


Jessie gives Rick Grimes a haircut as tension swims in the air.

Character Breakdown

Jessie: A Thin Line Between Haircuts and…

Love. Bedroom acrobatics. Whatever you want to call it, the tension between Rick and Jessie is swimming through the air. It’s contagious and airborne. Will Rick do unto others, as Lori and Shane once did onto him? Step onto the sacred bond of man and wife? Breach it?

Daryl Dixon: Vagabond

Where ever he may roam, where Daryl lays his head is home. The rebellious Daryl Dixon is not accustomed to official jobs and distinctions. He lives off the land and the wild, untamed by the chains of menial drudgery. A fastened 9-5 office iron collar finds no welcome mat by Dixon. Similar mats ordained by the leading congresswoman find themselves stepped on, and muddy.

His adjustment to the new community of Alexandria has been mired in turmoil and agitation. A longing for the past camaraderie, bewilderment at the group’s weary yet drained acceptance. A group overtaxed, and pining to a return to normality. It’s not so for Dixon, whose eyes sparked up at the first sign of turbulence on the vista of Alexandria. The first to protect his adopted family and tackle uncharted outsiders.

Major Themes

Romantic Affections

Rick and his son Carl are slowly becoming infatuated with two of Alexandria’s women. For the first time in Season 5 of The Walking Dead, relative peace is a possibility. Will Rick and Carl let their guard down, and allow their newfound affections to impact judgement? Will Romance be the albatross that impedes quick-thinking action? Or has the ruthless mucky road, father and son have incurred acted as a bane to their sanity? Romantic intentions, healthy in the thoroughfare.

Becoming The Governor, Full Circle

It was a mere mid-Season finale a year ago, when Rick Grimes attempted a dialogue with The Governor and his group. Calling for calm, promising that despite “All of us doing the worst kind of things. It’s not too late for change”. The Governor responded with one word “Liar” before swiftly using Michonne’s zombie-battered sword. Now it’s Rick in The Governor’s place, mulling over taking Alexandria (The Prison) by force. Lack of faith and trust in the community. Debated weakness of the overall population.

The Congresswoman’s Intentions

As Rick asserts in the preview to tonight’s Walking Dead episode… Why let an outsider act as enforcement in your own community? One you’ve just met? What leads the Congresswoman to make Rick ‘constable’, and what is she potentially politicking? Are the tapes truly for neighborhood transparency or future blackmail?

Episode Background

Alexandra Breckenridge:

This is Alexandra Breckenridge’s second episode on The Walking Dead, where she now plays ‘Jessie’. Breckenridge originally rose to fame as part of American Horror Story’s Season 1 cast as the sultry maid, ‘Moira’.

In American Horror Story, Moira was powerfully seductive to all men she encountered. She was most tempting to the male lead Ben Harmon on the show, played by Dylan McDermott. Shades of ‘Moira’ are already being telegraphed to The Walking Dead’s audience, as temptation dances for male lead Rick Grimes. A suspicious husband on the porch, welcoming Rick to the neighborhood.

Tonight’s Episode Directed By: David Boyd

Other Walking Dead episodes Directed by David Boyd:

Arrow on the Doorpost

Walking Dead Ratings

– Last week’s Walking Dead episode “Remember” scored a 7.5 rating, scoring around 14.430 million viewers in the 18-49 age demographic according to Tvbythenumbers.

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