Walking Dead: Noah and Beth are together again


The Walking Dead just loves to take things away from us that we love, and the latest example of that is oddly comforting in it’s heartbreak. 

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead took yet another character away from us, as the thinning of the herd post-Alexandria Safe Zone arrival brought about the most brutal death we’ve seen yet. There have been emotional deaths and there have been shocking deaths but the death of Noah on this week’s episode was gruesome, violent and over-the-top.

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But there is a strange silver lining to this whole situation, and it involves Noah being reunited with his past lover — Beth. One of the most shocking and emotional deaths of the show involved Beth getting killed by Dawn at the hospital in Atlanta.

Noah was falling in love with Beth, and vice versa, but her death put an end to that storyline line ever taking off. But now that they’ve both met untimely ends, they are in a strange way reunited in their deaths. This isn’t to say they’re in some Walking Dead Heaven anywhere, but their deaths are shard in a way and that’s oddly comforting.

Of course, it hardly helps our grieving as both characters are dead and gone at the end of the day. But it’s at least a little comforting to know that they’re together in a way and that’s something that we can at least pretend makes us feel better about watching long Beth get shot in the face and watching Noah get his face ripped off.

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