Walking Dead Spoilers S05E15 Try: Is Pete abusing Jessie or Sam?


On the next The Walking Dead, will we find out if Pete is really abusing Jessie and Sam?

On the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, Carol makes her assumption on Pete and she believes that he is being abusive to Jessie. Since Carol has been through that type of relationship in the past, she has read the signs and believes that Pete is abusive. She lets Rick know about her thoughts on the situations and believes that Pete needs to be taken care of.

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As for the audience, we have not been left with much evidence to say that Pete is being abusive to Jessie. We can see that he is a fat douche, but we don’t know much else. We have not seen him hit Jessie or Sam. We have seen this  busted owl and we have seen the temperament of Sam. That is all that we really can go with at the moment.


The folks at The Spoiling Dead have uncovered another spoiler for us on this topic for the episode that will be airing on Sunday “Try”. Here is what they had to say:

"-Do we find out if Pete is abusing Jessie or Sam?Yes, he is abusing Jessie.-How does the fight start between Rick and Pete?Jessie finally agrees to get help from Rick. Pete asks Rick to get out of his house and takes a swing at Rick."

It sounds like things are going to play out just like the comics with Pete being an abusive husband and father. We will have to see how Rick gets involved in this whole situation. Carol has her solution to the problem: she doesn’t want Pete around any longer. She wants him dead.

We already know that Rick is a little smitten with Jessie. How is that going to play into this situation now? How will that make Rick deal with this Pete situation. The last couple of episodes are lined up and they should be amazing.

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