The Walking Dead’s Jessie: And Lead Us Not Into Temptation


We knew the minute a shirtless  Rick Grimes opened the door, after showering and shaving, as we see this fresh face offering to finish the cleansing of the past by giving him a haircut, this woman was temptation personified.

Rick Grimes had resisted the temptation of Alexandria being a safe haven. Resisted trusting Aaron and Eric. Warned Deanna in his interview videos that people are the threat.

That she should be careful about letting people in, providing her a circular reasoning not to trust even the people she was counting on for protection and counsel. But something about Jessie let us know Rick’s mistrust for everything Alexandria would be tested by Jessie.

The welcome party thrown by Deanna took away any doubts. I was and am very angry and disappointed with Rick about his pursuing a married woman, but when I read an article by one of our writers, Nir Regev, I was a little bit more sympathetic and forgiving. Click here to see what Nir wrote.  He talked about how Jessie represented a mother for his children and someone untouched by the outside the way he and his family has been. I see that now. Clean and new. The promise of life clean and new the way the houses are clean and new and his body and face are clean and new.

Hopefully, the temptation, along with the new perception of abuse and Carol’s Lori-like and Lady Macbeth-like turning of the screws in Rick’s head to kill Pete, doesn’t lead Rick into making some poor decisions.

What do you think of Jessie? Do you understand her appeal to Rick? Do you want Rick to kill Pete? Do you think she is abusing Sam or is she being abused? Do you agree with Rick’s Shane-like actions? Jessie has caused quite a stir hasn’t she?

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