Walking Dead season finale: Who will Aaron and Daryl find?


Aaron and Daryl are out and noticed a light out and some other humans. Who will they be running into out there? 

Who will Aaron and Daryl be running across in the season finale? As Aaron and Daryl are out, they see a light coming from a distance and are headed in that direction to see who it is.

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As they are moving in that direction, they run across more chopped up parts and also noticed someone who was tied up to the tree that was allowed to be feasted on by walkers.

What kind of people will Aaron and Daryl find out there? They seem to be a vicious group that are willing to cut people up into pieces and also brand their letters into the heads of walkers.

******SPOILER ALERT*********

Based off of the comic series, we will be running into the Scavengers group. The name has changed to the Wolves, but the setup and timing of their arrival onto the TV version of The Walking Dead is perfect.

Aaron and Daryl are going to notice that this is a ruthless group of people who are out there. Aaron and Daryl will retreat back to the Safe Zone, but will be followed by the Wolves. The Wolves will hear the sounds of Daryl’s motorcycle and follow it out in that direction.

As they are looking for the location, they will hear a gun shot to point them in the right direction. That gun shot comes from Rick as he kills Pete. Then there will be a standoff between the Wolves and Rick. Sasha and the rest of the group will be involved in this altercation.

We won’t give up too much as a spoiler, but all kinds of madness is about to break loose.

This is how the comics break down in this episode. They could remix a number of things for the TV screen, but the show has been following pretty close to the comics lately.

What do you think of these Wolves?

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