Walking Dead season finale spoilers: Will we meet Negan?


The Walking Dead season finale spoilers are getting leaked out. We have some information on Negan for the season finale. BEWARE, SPOILERS INSIDE.

Ever since Rick and the group got to Terminus, people have been talking about Negan. The bats were out and swinging in that first episode in Terminus and everyone was wondering which one was Negan.

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We still have not found him and now that we are at the Alexandria Safe Zone, the fans are wondering if Negan is going to make his appearance now.

The Spoiling Dead has the answer for us again.

***********************SPOILERS INSIDE***********************

Q – What about Negan?
A – Sorry to disappoint, but noooo.

We won’t see the villain yet. We won’t get to see his appearance on the show at this time. We will have to wait till Season 6 to start asking that question over and over again.

At this time, the villains for the episode seem to be the people tat are in the Alexandria Safe Zone and there are also hints of the vicious people who call themselves the “Wolves.”

Negan and his bat will have to sit out for a little longer. Remember that dude with the bat in the first episode of this season? When will we see a bat brought back out?

I forgot how intense this episode was! I am going to go vomit for a bit now.

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