Chances That Daryl Dixon Dies Are Increasing


The Walking Dead has a knack for killing off the charters we love, but are they getting closer to killing off Daryl Dixon. 

There are strange and crazy things that have happened on The Walking Dead, but something that would be the strangest and the most crazy thing that can happen on the series would be Daryl Dixon getting killed off.

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Killing off Daryl Dixon might be the zero hour moment that starts an actual apocalypse as fans would not take kindly to his death. Some have wondered if the show is afraid to kill off it’s most popular character, but we could be inching towards Daryl’s untouchable status being dropped.

History suggests that when The Walking Dead gives you a story arc, it always ends badly. Just this past season we saw possibly story arcs for Noah, Beth, Bob and Tyreese all cut short in violent and tragic ways. That’s why we were both intrigued and afraid when that book fell out of Daryl’s bag and seemed to hint at a backstory.

That’s not a good thing on The Walking Dead, as it’s like watching that video from The Ring — it’s a death sentence.

Daryl being killed off is a huge leap for the show and on that might not be advisable. Then again, the series putting Daryl in actual danger where we aren’t totally sure if he’ll make it out alive or not could be good for the future of the show. He can’t always be untouchable and adding the element of danger is a smart move.

The hints are there that Daryl could be killed off, but even just hinting at that is all fans need to fear for their own sanity as Daryl’s survival is key to lives of so many both in and out of the show.

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