Walking Dead: Will Daryl Dixon have a love interest in Season 6?


Will Daryl Dixon finally have a love interest in season 6 of the Walking Dead? 

Daryl Dixon is the resident heartthrob on The Walking Dead for all the fans, but for some reason he has not had a love interest with anyone on the show. In a world that is falling to pieces, people have found the time to create love connections. Rick is now getting some quality time with Jessie after he finally was able to get over Lori. Glenn and Maggie are together. Abraham and his dolphin smooth self is with Rosita. Sasha was with Bob. Tyreese was with Karen.The connections happen all the time.

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When will we see Daryl with a love interest? Will that hookup be with Carol?

When Beth was alive, people were hoping that Daryl would get together with her. Daryl’s love interest could be a huge story line for the show if they want to bring it in. Will it be something that we see come to life in season 6?  I am sure that the fans would love to see it,

There will be a number of people hoping that he gets together with Carol, but what if he hooks up with Michonne or Sasha or Tara? Will people be mad about that?

What if he gets in between one of the couples? What if he hooks up with Maggie or Rosita or Jessie? How would the group respond to Daryl if that were to happen? What would the fans think if that happened? There could be a lot of juice for the writers if they want to make it happen.

Daryl has always been a wildcard on the show. Since he is not based off a comic character, then we don’t know what storyline they will give him.

Should Daryl hook up with someone on the show and who should it be with?

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