The Walking Dead Major Character Death Rumor Proven False


The Walking Dead is a show where characters can die at any time.  And with filming of season 6 going on down in Georgia, when something out of the ordinary is seen happening on the set it can lead to speculation and rumors.

Sometimes that speculation and rumor is true.  In fact, many of the observations that happen can be very interesting to think about but shouldn’t be taken too seriously as things can change and events can be misinterpreted.

This is extra true when it comes to some recent news.  There was a rumor that a fan favorite that has been around for multiple seasons would be meeting their doom in the early stages of The Walking Dead’s sixth season.  Since then, more information has come out about this character and we now know a lot more about the situation.


The rumor in question involves Michonne (played by Danai Gurira).  There was speculation that Michonne was killed off from the show because she hadn’t been spotted on the set during filming of some scenes where the walls of Alexandria were attempting to be breached.

However, that rumor has since been debunked.  In a recent article on Celebrity Dirty Laundry, they announced that Danai Gurira had been seen on the set and is still a part of The Walking Dead’s filming of season 6.  Here is what they ad to say:

"“Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, was another character fans began to worry about after inaccurate reports stated she was absent from set. CDL can confirm Danai is still filming, and was recently spotted filming in her usual gear on May 22.”"

Fans of Michonne can finally exhale now that they know the popular character hasn’t yet met the chopping block.  While Celebrity Dirty Laundry can confirm that she’s on set now, there is no way to confirm her safety through the rest of season 6.

On a personal note, I didn’t buy in to the speculation about Michonne.  I thought she might have been inside the walls of Alexandria or out filming at a different location.  I enjoy watching Danai Gurira each week on The Walking Dead and am happy that she’ll be around at least a while longer on the hit AMC television show.

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