Fear The Walking Dead Teaser: ‘Flu Shot’ [VIDEO]

Fear The Walking Dead promo from San Diego Comic Con
Fear The Walking Dead promo from San Diego Comic Con /

Another teaser video for Fear The Walking Dead has been released.  So far, we have seen a conversation at the school between a student and the guidance counselor and a trip in the white pickup truck with missing posters and possibly a zombie.  Now, we have mention of a medical part of the show.

In the third teaser video for AMC’s companion series, a man talks to Madison (Kim Dickens) about the absence of many students at the school that day.  Madison replies that she got her flu shot.

Here is a region free version of the Fear the Walking Dead’s teaser video for “Flu Shot” from SpoilerTV:

It’s funny to see this teaser as a fan of The Walking Dead.  We, as viewers, already know that a flu shot will do absolutely nothing against the virus that brings the dead back to life.  And it’s the confidence with which Madison says that she got her flu shot that makes it even more noteworthy.

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In another promo, Madison spoke with a student who was discussing all the death and violence that he was seeing on the internet.  People killing people.  Instead, Madison nearly laughed it off, saying that he needs time away from social media.

With these promos, we’re getting a good feel of who Madison is.  She seems to be a figure who is confident in who she is, but relies too much on other forms of authority to really absorb what is going on around her.  It will be fun watching her demeanor and confidence level as things will eventually crumble around her on Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead is set to premiere this August on AMC.  Stay tuned to Undead Walking for future details.

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