The Walking Dead: Emmy winner Merritt Weaver joins cast

Merritt Wever as Zoey Barkow, Nurse Jackie - Showtime
Merritt Wever as Zoey Barkow, Nurse Jackie - Showtime /

The Walking Dead’s family is growing substantially for the show’s sixth season.  In addition to many of the other recent casting announcements, this one comes with some intrigue.

There is no questioning that the addition of Merritt Wever to the The Walking Dead’s cast is a great move.  Wever won an Emmy in 2013 for her work on the show Nurse Jackie.  She’s also been several other great projects over the course of her career.

Here is a list of just some of those great shows and movies Wever has been a part of:

  • Birdman (movie)
  • New Girl (tv show)
  • The Good Wife (tv show)
  • Tiny Furniture (movie)
  • Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (tv show)

However, I left out two of the most significant roles in her history.  She had a role on Law and Order from 1997 until 2005.  While on that show, she worked alongside Tovah Feldshuh, who plays Deanna on The Walking Dead.  More significant is that she had a role on a program that seems to have a lot of impact on The Walking Dead: The Wire.

While her winning of an Emmy award is a fantastic achievement and her roles in significant programs have given her a recognizable face, Merritt Wever might be remembered even more for her speech that she gave following her big win.  Here is Wever winning her award in a video from ATTAGIRL1814 on YouTube:

The addition of Merritt Wever to The Walking Dead is interesting because she is slated to play “a top-secret role as a character from the comic book” according to an article on Yahoo’s website. has a guess about what her role will be:

"“While we can only speculate as to her role in Season 6 of The Walking Dead, our best guess is Denise Cloyd, one of three doctors living in Alexandria in the original comics.”"

We likely won’t know the role that Merritt Wever will play on The Walking Dead until it airs this October on AMC, it’s always fun to guess what will happen.  And my guess is that might just be right on their speculated role for the Emmy winner this coming season.

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