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Chad L. Coleman, Treadwater -
Chad L. Coleman, Treadwater - /

Fans of The Walking Dead know Chad L. Coleman from his time as Tyreese on the hit AMC zombie survival drama.  He’s also known for his work on the The Wire where he played a character called Cutty.  Now, you can see him in an entire different way.

Scheduled for a release date of July 25, 2015, Chad L. Coleman will be featured in a new graphic novel series titled Treadwater from Graham Crackers Comics.

Coleman should be instantly recognizable in this comic, as it is a great representation of how he looks in real life.  Here is the image of Coleman from the website:

Chad L. Coleman, Treadwater –
Chad L. Coleman, Treadwater – /

In a recent video on YouTube hosted by Morgan Rosenblum (sorry, I can’t link to it.  It is disabled on the site), Chad L. Coleman talked about what you can look forward to with Treadwater.

"“It’s an amazing storyline. With elaborate storytelling, (like) the TV series Lost.”"

Here is how Hollywood Outbreak describes the story:

"“Treadwater is set in a dystopian future, where an all-out nuclear war is on the horizon. The major figures behind this conflict are each trying to bring this potentially tragic situation under the control, and with the use of flashback readers will delve into the inner lives and motivations of each of the characters.”"

Forbidden Planet in New York City will be hosting a book signing on July 25th featuring Chad L. Coleman.  You can stop in, have a chance to meet one of my personal favorite stars from The Walking Dead and even get an autograph!

Treadwater looks to be a great graphic novel series that is set to become a full length film in the future.  Be sure to watch for it on newsstands and possible in theatres near you!

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