The Walking Dead season 6: casting call for ‘Jason’


When a casting call for The Walking Dead was released looking for someone to play “Jason” my mind started racing.  I had this image in my head of a Friday the 13th crossover with Rick Grimes and the crew in a mashup that would make little sense but could be very fun.

Then I recalled about all the code names that they use while casting and writing scripts for AMC’s The Walking Dead and remembered that my mind runs away from me a bit too often.

However, here is the casting call and some of the details from the Project Casting website with a hat tip to

"[JASON] Late 20s-30s, CAUCASIAN / LATINO. Smart, friendly, and charming with a puckish sense of humor. He can be a thief, but he’ll only steal half of what you have, and only if he knows it won’t cause any permanent damage. He’s generally a benevolent guy — pretty much making friends with everyone he meets. RECURRING GUEST STAR W/ SERIES OPTION FOR SUBSEQUENT SEASONS (7/16). ARTIST MUST BE AVAILABLE 8/22-11/19."

Jesus, The Walking Dead comics - Image and Skybound
Jesus, The Walking Dead comics – Image and Skybound /

The folks over at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook think this could possibly be a casting call for the actor who will play Jesus from the comic books.  Jesus’ real name in the comic book series is Paul Monroe and he was one of the survivors at the Hilltop Colony.

Here is how he is described on The Walking Dead’s wiki page for the comic books:

"“Paul is a natural survivalist in the zombie apocalypse, capable of extreme feats of human ability. His most notable feature is his long hair and beard similar to more recent western images of the Biblical figure, Jesus, and his friends started calling him this because they view him as ‘a savior’.”"

It is very possible that The Spoiling Dead is correct.  The timing of Jesus’ appearance would be close enough to the flow of the comic book series and it would allow his character to be more established by the time that things start to get crazy between Alexandria and the surrounding groups.

What do you guys think?  Is this a call for Jesus or maybe a different character?  Let me know your opinion in the comments below.  But I’ll honestly still be daydreaming of a Voorhees/Grimes battle in my head.

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