The Walking Dead: Message from Woodbury – phone call #2

The Walking Dead: Call from Woodbury #2 - woodburyiswaiting Instagram
The Walking Dead: Call from Woodbury #2 - woodburyiswaiting Instagram /

Another day, another mysterious message regarding The Walking Dead from the #WoodburyIsWaiting phenomenon.  As if yesterday’s message wasn’t creepy enough, this time, we got an update on the phone number as well as the Instagram account.  Let’s take a look at them both.

First, when I called the number today, I was surprised.  This time, the menu is interactive (sort of).  You can add your phone number to a list to get more information when you choose that option from the menu.  However, all other options lead to a disconnect.

Here is what happened today when I dialed (912) 307-3075 today.  I uploaded the results to my personal YouTube account:

This time, we get told that a “national event” is underway.  Again, we get told to stay inside and that a curfew is now in effect.  The most important part of this call is the alert code: Nova Omega Victory One Niner.  Or, when put together normally, NOV 19.

And that is very odd.  The countdown until the phone runs out (now at 102 days) would end the timer at either November 29th or November 30th.  Thanks to a reader named CathyMae who pointed out that the date could be from the day before due to time zone differences and whatnot.  We also know that November 29th is the midseason finale for The Walking Dead’s sixth season.

So, what are the significance of these two dates?

Well, the latest update on the woodburyiswaiting Instragram account doesn’t help us one bit in that department.  Instead, we’re given a video that brings up more questions that we have no answers to.  Here is that post:

So, we have several major cities on this map.  Along with them are some X’s and some circled X’s.  No clue what that is all about.  Also, we have the flashing of people in riot gear to go along with the map and the garbled transmission of the intro to today’s phone call.

Today gave us more questions than answers, but at least we’re getting more information.  Let’s work together and figure out this The Walking Dead puzzle together!

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