The Walking Dead: Lennie James’ Zombie Zen

Lennie James on The Walking Dead Set. AMC.
Lennie James on The Walking Dead Set. AMC. /

Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, and Lennie James of The Walking Dead answered audience questions about the show at Fan Expo Canada 2015. It’s a very entertaining panel. We learned tons of fun information!

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We know that Morgan’s character has made a dramatic transformation from a frantic, unstable crazy man who saw red when his poor son was over taken by his walker wife. Although I’d have to say, even crazy Morgan seemed pretty calm as he set his walker traps to clear as Michonne, Rick and Carl were heading out-of-town.

All life is precious, Daryl. Daryl understands Zen; good Lord!

Pretty early in the video (approx 4:45) an audience member asks about what it’s like hanging out on the set when they’re on breaks and if it’s weird with zombies all around.

Chandler laughs and says it’s like Halloween everyday. But says the walkers are not weird. They’re regular people. One of my Twitter Zombie pals agreed.  He said, ” We’re all just dudes and chicks doing our jobs.”  

Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Lennie James tells us that he has a favorite walker named Coleman and he loves to hang out with Coleman on breaks. Coleman is all it takes for Lennie to chill out. No talking. Just the proximity to Coleman is all he needs. I don’t know if that’s Coleman in the picture above, but if it is, I’d say, I’d like to hang out with Coleman, too, if his presence creates that much joy! 

When I reached out to some of my Twitter Walker buddies to tell them about Coleman, they said things like, “Coleman is pretty much THE zombie. He has done a lot of really cool scenes!” “Coleman is the man! He is my zombie role model” “Does great work. Also a really awesome person.”

Here are a few other highlights from this panel:

Carl gets some spotlight

Carl and more

Great tidbits

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