The Walking Dead #146 recap: A Breaking Point Reached

The Walking Dead comic cover #146, The Walking Dead - Skybound and Image Comics
The Walking Dead comic cover #146, The Walking Dead - Skybound and Image Comics /

The Walking Dead‘s comic book series is still shaken up by the events that happened just a couple of issues ago.  When issue #145 left off, Rick Grimes and the folks who were are Alpha’s ‘fence’ had to come home and explain what they found as well as what it means for the survivors.

It is that event which is exactly what happened in issue #146 of The Walking Dead, titled A Breaking Point Reached.


When Rick Grimes delivers the horrible news of the mass killing by Alpha, the community is both shocked and depressed.  They decide to hold a funeral service for those who were killed, but that event gets ugly when the people of the town tell Rick that they need to get retribution for the lives of their family and friends.  Two people in particular, Josh’s father and Magna, are willing to go after Alpha themselves.

The Walking Dead comic cover #146, The Walking Dead - Skybound and Image Comics
The Walking Dead comic cover #146, The Walking Dead – Skybound and Image Comics /

Rick tried to defuse the situation for now, telling them they jumping into an attack would be putting everything they have built at risk and put even more lives in danger.  Marco then goes off on Rick, saying that Maggie is a much better leader because she can deal with problems.

Confused, Rick went to talk to Maggie.  She reveals to Rick that she had Gregory executed.  This sets Rick off, with him saying that they don’t do things that way and that Maggie is putting the community in danger with her decision.  Jesus jumps into the argument, trying to calm both sides down.  Dante steps in to help, but finds himself knocked aside.

Maggie says that Rick has snapped and that she’s not sure they should follow him anymore.  Rick loses his temper and hits Maggie across the face.  Maggie then takes Rick to the ground while defending her decision to have Gregory killed.  Rick and Maggie are then separated by Jesus and the two apologize, even hug.  Both then go to their respective homes.

Meanwhile, Andrea is tending to a shattered Eugene.  The death of Rosita is hitting him hard.  He tells her that he would have raised Rosita’s baby as if it were his own, but now he’ll never get the chance.  He also expresses his anger for Rosita stepping out on him, but states again that he still loved her no matter what.

Eugene says that the people calling for war are not smart.  He knows that the anger will get them killed and the proper route to take involves taking the time to develop a plan of attack.  Despite that, Eugene says that he wants every single member of The Whipserers dead.  Rick and Andrea agree.

The Whisperers have the advantage over the people of Alexandria in many ways, but Eugene points out one that they have one thing Alpha doesn’t: Lydia.

Issue #147 of The Walking Dead will be released on October 14, 2015 and will be titled Out In The Open.  How will the people of Alexandria plan their revenge on Alpha and The Whipserers?  Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

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