The Walking Dead: First look at McFarlane TV Series 9


Rosita, Beth, Lori, Sasha, Tara, Father Gabriel,  Noah, Martinez, and T-dog were all in a poll as possibilities for action figures in Mcfarlane’s The Walking Dead TV series 9. Last night on their Facebook page McFarlane posted:

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YOU (our fans) have spoken! Here’s a first look at our upcoming The Walking Dead TV Series 9 line-up.

So it looks like Beth and T-dog were the winners of the poll. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more. They may reveal more Series 9 characters. But this is what we have so far. The walker choice is a water-logged walker from the food bank. We also have poor walker-bitten Dale, a new uniformed Michonne and a grave digging Daryl from the prison.

If spring is too long to wait for your new action figures, we still have 2 rounds of series 8 action figures coming out just around the corner to go along with the new season of The Walking Dead.

Welcome in the autumn with zombies and toys! Check out the series 8 figures here! And more series 8 figures here! Add more classics, start a collection or get a new Morgan or Eugene! McFarlane also has great builder sets! Build Dale’s RV! Or if you want something really new and different, take a look at these Vinyl Idolz.

In December you can get the Mcfarlane Limited Edition Blu-ray DVD case for Season 5 featuring the melted asphalt walker.

Check out some great creative things fans do with action figures like Tiny Daryl’s Adventures, Little Leedus, Where in the World is Mike Cudlitz, and Mack Expo. Also check out our Lauren’s #twdpopadventures on Twitter!  And I have my Tiny Abe!

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