The Walking Dead: Men of Alexandria

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Photo Credit: Gene Page, AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page, AMC, The Walking Dead /

Eric Raleigh

Eric has recently given up his recruiting duties and passed them on to Daryl. He is recovering from an ankle injury sustained on the recruiting trip that brings Rick’s group to Alexandria.

He is seen present at the community meeting, so clearly he witnessed the deaths of Reg and Pete. And we see him in what appears to be another “town meeting” during the season 6 trailer, side by side with partner, Aaron.

Walking-Dead-513-Dinner-with-Daryl /

We really do not know much about Eric yet, except that he is much in love with Aaron and gets annoyed with Mrs. Neudermeyer’s incessant talk of wanting a pasta maker.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Woods-Robinson who plays Eric on The Walking Dead over the summer. Jordan is one busy guy!  In addition to his portrayal of Eric, he is a member of Blue Man Group in Orlando and manages SOSStudio, his own online recording studio where he collaborates regularly with other artists.

Jordan is active on social media and can also be heard on his weekly SOSStudio podcast working to help other artists achieve their goals.  As if that were not enough, he recently released his EP titled Crazy and Back.

While Jordan is extremely busy, he also loves making time for fans and interacting with them at conventions.  Just check out his Twitter feed to see some of the fun he has meeting fans!

Granted, these are only a few of the “Men of Alexandria” that we have met, but they have certainly made their mark on The Walking Dead. And we have new faces in town as well that will be new to season 6 — new characters Heath (Corey Hawkins) and Carter (Ethan Embry) can both be seen in season 6 preview material. October 11th is just around the corner, so the wait is almost over!

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