The Walking Dead #147 Out In The Open recap and review

The Walking Dead comic #147, Image and Skybound
The Walking Dead comic #147, Image and Skybound /

As fan of The Walking Dead, we know that the action and excitement can’t always stay at extremely high levels.  Ever since Alpha’s statement to the people of Alexandria, there has been plenty of drama and intrigue, but the amount of action has been dropping at a regular pace.

However, I don’t think that is a horrible thing.

Instead, issue #147 of The Walking Dead focuses on the people of Alexandria trying to figure out what the next step to take for their community is.  Eugene, still blinded by fury, wants to use Lydia as a pawn and even make her expendable in negotiations with Alpha.  This talk makes Rick decide that Lydia is not safe in Alexandria, and Andrea agrees to escort her and Carl out of the community.

The Walking Dead comic #147, Image and Skybound
The Walking Dead comic #147, Image and Skybound /

Michonne lets Rick know that the community is planning on coming down on him hard in the morning.  He shares his feelings about losing Lori and Judith and how those expereiences, although crushing, have made him the survivor that he is today.  She thanks him for his words, adding “you’re fu**ed up Rick, but I love you.”

We meet a new character named Gus, who is patrolling for Alpha’s group.  Andrea asks Gus not to mention that he saw her, which sets Lydia’s mind racing.  She starts wondering why people in Alexandria want to hurt her when she had no part in the killings.  Andrea tells her that people aren’t acting rationally and this plan of Eugene’s is bad.  Lydia then freaks out, going off about her mom not caring about her and how Eugene’s plan would essentially be an execution as she pulls her gun on Andrea.

Overall, this issue felt like a little bit of a letdown.  However, it’s hard to keep up the pace and emotion of the previous installments.  It is these slower issues that help us appreciate the ones that make our jaws drop.  This could be a pivotal point in the relationship between Rick’s group and Alpha’s group in the struggle for power.  Essentially, this issue of The Walking Dead advanced the story, but didn’t give us much new to build off.  We have the cliffhanger as to whether or not Lydia will shoot Andrea, but I don’t think that will result in any death any time soon.

The next issue of The Walking Dead is #148 and is titled ‘No Turning Back’.  It will be available for purchase on November 11, 2015.

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