The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun’s favorite day each season


The Walking Dead actors have been choosing their favorite days on the set for Entertainment Weekly. Danai chose a day she slayed walkers. Norman chose a day he and Andrew Lincoln cut open a walker to check for Sophia. Steven Yeun chose a certain day each season.

Steven seems to like coming back every season after the break. That first day of school feeling when you see everyone you’ve missed all summer. You have brand new notebooks and pencils and school supplies. You’re a year older. New teachers, new classes and you’re ready for a semester of straight As.

Entertainment Weekly talked to Steven on set. Check out the video!

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“I think, collectively, every first scene that we’re all in together of every first episode of every season is probably my favorite. It’s one of those where everybody is still nervous — even after six years we’re nervous that we have to shoot this show. We’re scared of making mistakes. We’re scared of not doing a good job.”

“I mean, you just get into it with the group and everybody’s just firing on all cylinders and everything is just chaotic and controlled chaos around you. And that is always the most fun because after ‘cut’ we always look at each other, and Andy, Norman and I will be like, ‘That was awesome. We’re back.’ And that, to me, is my favorite part of every season.”

It happens for viewers as well, but in October, when the show returns after the long walker withdrawal period. We see all our friends again on-screen and have that Sunday night feeling again. They’re back!