The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus’ favorite day on set

Daryl. Rick. Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Daryl. Rick. Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

The actors on The Walking Dead seem to have fun everyday, but if forced to choose one day, they can pick something that stands out in their memory. Danai Gurira chose the day she slayed the walkers in the woods all by herself on the way to Terminus after the prison fell. Norman Reedus chose another walker chopping day for his favorite.

Norman’s walker was already dead though. The day Norman chose when talking to Entertainment Weekly was the day Rick and Daryl decided to cut open the walker to find out for sure that he hadn’t eaten Sophia.

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“I gotta say, Andy and I with Greg [Nicotero] and the special effects team cutting open the zombie body trying to look for Sophia’s bones. Because that was just a really fun, funny day. I really like that one. That was probably my favorite because there was like FLOOP! noises and hot air in the woods. That was kind of awesome, I have to admit. There have been so many favorite days for me on the show though. That one sort of sticks in my mind this morning because that was really funny.”

As a fan and viewer, I remember that scene very clearly. It was still in the very beginning of the show and Rick’s face when Daryl was pulling out “Hoss’s” guts was precious. He was disgusted and trying to be brave.

The Daryl and Rick bromance was a farm away from being established. This was one of Daryl’s first baby steps at taking away some of the “heavy lifting” from Rick and becoming part of the group.

As an actor, I bet this probably was fun for Norman. He wasn’t part of the “guts” scene back at the department store. Here he didn’t have to wear them, just reach in, toss them around, and fling them off of his fingers!

Check out the video from the interview here!