The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus tells us to pay attention to the little things

Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. AMC.
Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. AMC. /

The Walking Dead has always excelled at fine storytelling from every angle: acting, directing, writing, wardrobe, special effects and make up. Norman Reedus considers this season’s detail something to really watch.

“Little tiny things mean so much later. You really have to pay attention to everything,” Norman told Speakeasy, “The acting is so on point, the directing is so on point. I feel like [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] is really leading the team to the Super Bowl.”

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He talked about how the rest of the season is amazing and how he can relate to our feelings about the show so far, especially the dumpster scene. “I was in that episode and I watched that episode and I was like how could they do that! I had the same feeling, trust me. That’s our show. That’s what we do. We rip your guts out — literally.”

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It’s nice to know that the actors can relate to us when they watch what happens with the other characters on the screen. It seems like they are such fans themselves. So many have said they were fans before they were cast, either as comic readers or show fans. And so many live tweet with us even after they are no longer on the show.

I’m glad to hear about the details and how the little things will mean so much later. I love when that happens on The Walking Dead. I love the details. Recently, we found out about the 3 items Morgan placed on his altar in Father Gabriel’s church way back after Terminus 11 episodes ago!

So here’s to the next 4 episodes until the break. Let’s pay attention to those details. Hold onto your guts!