The Walking Dead: Abraham won his staring contest with death

Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead - AMC /

On The Walking Dead Abraham Ford had a staring contest with death and won. Abe has decided to move forward. The world is not over yet. Progress.

Moving forward. The world hasn’t ended. Progress. These themes have been jumping out at us this season like walkers jump out from behind trees. This week it was Abraham’s turn to continue that theme. He started it when he wouldn’t look back during the mission to move the herd. He was moving forward for the community. He was opening up to being part of the team and trusting the group.

This time moving forward is more personal for Abe. He has decided that he’s worth saving along with the group. He is realizing that the world isn’t over. There may be time left in between now and whenever death comes for him. There’s no need to play with death and taunt it He can have excitement without making everything a suicide mission.

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So instead of taunting death, poking and provoking it, he stared it right in the face. He looked at it. This military walker was Abe.  He looked at what he would look like if death got him. He screamed at it. His scream was a scream, but it was also a release. It was also a word. The word his scream said was “No.” He was telling death not yet.

Michael Cudlitz explained it to The Wrap this way:  “He chose to go one on one and literally look death in the face. And what came out of that conflict was he does in fact choose to live and to try to move forward.”

Michonne looked death in the face once and slayed the walking dead around her. Sasha napped with the dead. Shane forced Hershel to see them. Morgan tried to clear them. Each character has to make his own way to decide to go on living. Progress.