The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus and Michael Cudlitz excited about Negan casting


Norman Reedus and Michael Cudlitz have weighed in on the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Last week the casting announcement of Jeffrey Dean Morgan was made. He will join The Walking Dead as Negan,the notorious villain from the comics. The Walking Dead family went wild on social media with excitement and fear. Norman Reedus and Michael Cudlitz seem as excited about the casting as we are.

Fans have been waiting for quite some time for the arrival of Negan, but we knew that there was a bit of story to come first and Negan probably wouldn’t arrive until late season 6 or season 7. Even most fans who don’t know the comics have heard of Negan and Lucille.

The response on social media has been exceedingly positive. I haven’t seen anything other than excitement and approval. Negan Twitter accounts have popped up everywhere with expletives flying in Tweets.

Michael Cudlitz addressed the casting choice when he talked to The Wrap:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Grey’s Anatomy
Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Grey’s Anatomy /

“Who doesn’t like Jeffrey? Have you seen ‘Grey’s Anatomy?’ I’d marry the f—ing guy. For him, it’s wonderful that an audience, especially a TV audience, knows him to be very sensitive and loving and giving. And then we meet Negan, who on the surface is the antithesis of all of that. But I believe that he will infuse a lot of that charm into Negan so that you will love to hate him.”

Norman Reedus acknowledged the magnitude of Negan’s arrival and of his approval of the casting to IGN:

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It’s a big deal. It’s a really big deal. I can say that I’ve known Jeffrey for 15 years. He has his own style, his own flavor, and he’s such a talented actor and has his own personality that whatever he does he brings to and he hits it out of the park. The thing about casting characters for this show is they can’t just be a good actor. They need to fit here in this world with us making this show, they have to come to Georgia, they have to fit in this machine. That’s on a character level, that’s on a personality level, that’s on a work ethic level — they have to fit. Knowing Jeffrey, he fits perfectly, and I think that he will knock this role right out of the park.

It’s great to hear that these 2 cast members are excited about this infamous character and are confident in the casting choice. The Walking Dead is such a fan friendly show with how the actors Tweet and treat fans so well at Comic-Cons and stay fans after they are no longer on the show. It was great to see Michael Rooker on Talking Dead last week.

It will be wonderful to welcome Jeffrey by hating him! Are you ready for Negan?