The Walking Dead: Midseason Finale Marathon

Michonne. The Walking Dead. AMC
Michonne. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Thanksgiving will be over, but we can be thankful for leftovers and 7 episodes of The Walking Dead leading up to the mid-season finale on Sunday.

It seems like only yesterday fans were suffering from walker withdrawals, and posting countdowns on Twitter that were in double and triple digits for the number of days remaining until the season 6 premiere.

We were swimming, watching fireworks, and enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures when we got our first tease at San Diego Comic-Con. A trailer, posters of our characters with their heads leaning against the walls of Alexandria with walkers on the other side.

Walking Dead season 6 promo art
Walking Dead season 6 promo art /

Panels and interviews surfaced and the excitement started to intensify. The numbers on the countdowns got smaller and the cries of “Is it October yet?” got louder.

October came. A plan to move the huge herd that was trapped in a quarry, but would soon escape and pose a big problem. Only one day has passed in Alexandria, but the first half of the season is almost behind us.

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The cries will soon begin again and countdowns will start. Is it February yet? We will all have a Very Special Walking Dead Valentine’s Day!  But before we get ahead of ourselves, we still have Thanksgiving.

This Sunday, AMC will show all 7 episodes of season 6 starting at 1 pm. EST. leasing up to the mid-season finale entitled “Start to Finish”, airing at 9 pm. EST. Talking Dead will discuss the mid-season finale an hour after it ends at 11 pm. EST. after Into the Badlands.

So make sure you have your homework, office work, housework, holiday shopping, anything you need to accomplish before the Thanksgiving weekend ends, finished before Sunday so you can relax with the undead!