The Walking Dead 608: Start to Finish reader rating and response

Major Dodson and Alex Breckenridge as Sam and Jessie Anderson, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Major Dodson and Alex Breckenridge as Sam and Jessie Anderson, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

After last weekend’s mid-season finale, we posted a poll asking how many stars viewers would give The Walking Dead 608, asking you to rate the episode and leave your comments. And boy, did you ever!

There was no shortage of strong opinions among the Walking Dead fandom this week. Many people had anticipated particular events for the last episode before the show went on its “winter break,” many of which didn’t come to pass. While some were relieved about this, others were upset.

Over the past few years, we’ve become accustomed to a great deal of blood being shed in mid-season finales. Judging from the last two years alone, Maggie was lucky to make it through the episode alive. After all, Beth died in last year’s episode 508, and Hershel in episode 408 the previous year.

The buzz on social media this week, besides just the general lamenting of the long wait for the second half of season 6, has varied from one extreme to another, depending on who was doing the talking. The results of our poll also reflected this lack of agreement about this episode.

Cookie ants. The Walking Dead. AMC
Cookie with ants. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Only 29% of our 102 poll respondents gave the episode 5 stars, which was a huge difference from 64% the previous week. Combining the 4 and 5 star ratings, which last week totaled 85%, only brought us up to 54% this week. Clearly, people are unhappy.

Last week, only 9% of those who took our poll gave episode 607 3 stars. This week, 21% gave episode 608 3 stars. The numbers for 2, 1 and no stars for episode 607 were almost negligible, with approximately 2% each. For episode 608, the numbers were 18%, 5% and 2%, respectively.

So what does this tell us? Well, almost the same number of people hated the show enough to give it no stars from one week to the next – which makes me wonder why these people are watching it in the first place – and the number of people who gave it one star only went up slightly.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

However, overall the numbers are definitely skewed much lower than they were for the previous episode. Maybe everyone was just on a high that week after finding out that Glenn was still alive, who knows? In any case, this week’s average rating represents a huge drop from last week’s 4.37 stars out of 5.

Average Reader Rating: 3.51 stars out of 5

Here’s what a few fans had to say about episode 608.

Rocky J Manero • It was overhyped, and the way the episode ended was just bloody ridiculously poorly written. Also, I must be only one on Morgan’s side against Carol,. It’s a fact that Morgan was wrong to hold him there, but as he stated now just wasn’t the time to deal with that issue, yet Carol blindly persisted over and over and sorry, but she caused Denise to get taken. Anything that happens to her is on Carol’s hands. In my honest opinion Carol has had one too many Rambo moments and senselessly killed people that all she sees now is death and killing. She needs to be removed out of the show so we can remember her for the badass she turned into and not have her dragged down by this carrying on. It’s bad when you prefer Father Gabriel in an episode over Carol.

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Lisa Spence It was boring. That was in no means an exciting mid-season finale

Andrea Janina I give the episode 10 stars and I’d like to give Morgan a swift kick in the a**!!!!

Jo Smith I think that it’s going to start straight into the action in February, you’ve got Rick’s group stuck in the middle of a hoard of walkers with Sam about to draw every walker’s attention, the tower Maggie is on looks like it could collapse and I’m sure when Carol got slammed by Morgan you heard a loud crunch, I’m thinking it was her back? The only problem I had was there was no Aaron in the episode, seemed silly he wasn’t shown.

Emily Day Why do you all keep saying it was bad just because they didn’t introduce Negan or bring Daryl and Glenn back? Over all it was good, you guys just aren’t used to seeing them in this type of situation and you might as well get used to it.

Veronica Resendes It was exciting but the ending sucked really bad. I thought season 6 was supposed to be great but so far season 5 is my favorite

Tuck  I think it deserved 90 minutes, it’s like it ended not just with multiple cliff hangers, which is fine, but mid-scene. Overall, I really liked it, gave it four stars. The Morgan/Carol scene was acted beautifully, but the story arc is frustrating me. Alexandria is literally about to cease to exist and their philosophical differences get played out in a way that seemed over the top to me. Yes, Carol wants the wolf dead but would she really lose sight of the larger battle taking place? Timing is everything. And that Wolf should have had his hands tied BEHIND his back AND his ankles tied, something to make it much harder for him to escape if anything happened. I am also worried that Carol’s double head injury is pretty serious.pj30824 2.5 stars at best. It was disappointing when compared to other Walking Dead mid-season finales but on a side note, I would like to know if I was the only one hoping Sam would get bit.He was really getting on my nerves, and Morgan too.