The Walking Dead comics issue #151: Call To Arms recap

Dwight, The Walking Dead #151 comic cover - Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics
Dwight, The Walking Dead #151 comic cover - Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics /

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book issue #151 titled “Call To Arms” was released on February 3, 2016 from Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics.

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment released issue #151 of The Walking Dead‘s comic book today and the leadership of all the different communities seem to be getting figured out. Following the massive attack on all survivors from Alpha and The Whisperers, getting a military together is a priority for everyone.

If you missed issue #150 of The Walking Dead, you can get caught up with the recap and review here. Otherwise, here is the recap for #151, titled “Call To Arms”.

***WARNING: Comic Book spoilers below***


Rick Grimes and Dwight work together the train the soldiers of Alexandria. For practice, they shoot down a group of walkers, but one of the zombies attacks Vincent, but is saved by Rick and then helped to his feet. Then, the group are surrounded and form a circle to defend themselves from the horde. With some persistence and a lot of help from Dwight, they eliminate the walkers and burn the corpses while they regain their composure. Dwight and Rick talk about leadership. Dwight tells Rick that he isn’t a leader, but Rick disagrees.

Dwight, The Walking Dead issue #151 cover - Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics
Dwight, The Walking Dead issue #151 cover – Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics /

Eugene Porter calls out on the radio hoping to get some kind of response, but there are no voices coming in.

Maggie decides to head back to the Hilltop Colony, since it has been two weeks that they have spent together training soldiers and working out a plan. Jesus says that he’ll be staying in Alexandria, and jokes that they won’t need as many fighters from there for the militia since he’ll be there. Rick also tells Maggie to let Andrea know that it is safe to return with Carl and Lydia.

Vincent comes up to Rick to apologize to him, but Rick stops him in the middle of his talk to let him know that he should be thanking Dwight. However, Vincent was also wanting to apologize for the incident involving him and Morton. He tells Rick that he doesn’t deserve to be in Alexandria after what happened. Rick tells him that people who do bad things sometimes aren’t bad people.

Rick leaves Vincent and goes to visit Negan’s cell before stopping by Father Gabriel’s church. Gabriel thanks Rick for everything he’s done and offers to join Alexandria’s military. Rick accepts his offer.

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Michonne tells Rick that she’s going out on another run, but he sees through that and knows that she wants to be with Pete on the boat and that she’s just making herself miserable. He tells her that she should go to The Kingdom because they lack leadership and need someone to take control there. Plus, she is well liked and well known there.

With Rick leading Alexandria, Maggie in charge at the Hilltop Colony, and Michonne heading to The Kingdom, Michonne asks Rick if he knows who should be leading The Saviors since Dwight doesn’t want to. And she suggests that Carl might be the man for the job.

Finally, Eugene is still calling out on the radio, but this time, he gets an answer. “Read you loud and clear, Eugene Porter. Come in. Do you read us? Over.”


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Issue #152 of The Walking Dead will be released on March 2, 2016 and is titled “United In Fear”. Don’t miss it when it hits newsstands! As usual, Undead Walking will have a complete recap and review available the day the comic book releases and encourage all our readers to discuss the comics below and on our social media sites.