The Walking Dead: Snippets from the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institute hosted Scott Gimple, Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln, and John Sanders for a panel last night moderated by Eric Deggans, NPR TV critic.

The program was entitled Behind the Scenes of The Walking Dead. Fans seated in George Washington’s Lisner Auditorium enjoyed insights from prop master Sanders, special effects supervisor, executive producer and director, Nicotero, writer, executive producer and showrunner, Gimple and Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln.

For those of us who could not be there, AMC, The Smithsonian, and attendees gave us some snippets to enjoy on Twitter using the hashtag TWDatSI. Let’s take a look at what we missed!


AMC’s Twitter gave us these snippets :

  • It’s our duty every season to take risks and push boundaries.~Scott Gimple
  • This half of #TWD “has some of the darkest material we’ve ever done. And it has some of the lightest material.~Scott Gimple
  • TWD is hardcore and non-stop. ~Greg Nicotero
  • “Wait til we get to the end of the season. The show skyrockets into the stratosphere” ~Greg Nicotero
  • #TWD is a mix of mediums with CGI and practical effects to keep you guessing while you watch.
  • There are five katanas that have been created.
  • Andrew Lincoln wasn’t sure about the neck bite, but eventually came around.

Some other tweeters gave us some additional 140 character snippets!

Apparently the audience wanted to hear Andrew Lincoln yell Caaaaarrl. Or Coral. He found that funny!

It’s amazing how much hype and excitement is building around this Valentine’s day midseason premiere. It’s almost like the premiere in October after waiting all summer; it’s that exciting.

I’m glad and grateful to the people in The Walking Dead Family that they get as excited as we do for the show. I don’t know if it’s commonplace now, but I don’t remember ever having this much promotion to go along with a show before. So many posters and teasers and little things that show their attention to detail.

We are getting so close. We know the world is getting larger from the posters. We’ve seen little teaser commercials. We have exclusive interviews and new scoops from Entertainment Weekly this week. Twitter is crazy. The marathon starts on Thursday and leads into the premiere on Sunday!