The Walking Dead: Christopher Berry had fun with role

Christopher Berry as Bud, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Christopher Berry as Bud, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

Christopher Berry joined The Walking Dead family as Negan’s emissary and will be remembered for great lines and facial expressions in his short stint on the show.

“Your property now belongs to Negan.”  Christopher Berry will forever be remembered as the person who first spoke the name of the most anticipated and feared villain on The Walking Dead.

We never imagined he would be gone so soon. It was predicted by many that he would kill Abraham or Sasha before it was over. He was a cocky little sucker.

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He would have killed Abraham and Sasha without a second thought if Daryl hadn’t blown them up, He wasn’t fooling around. That was no bluff. If it weren’t for Sasha telling him to wait, buying a few extra seconds along with his little taunting play of no I’m not, yes I am, Abe and Sasha would be gone, too.

According to, Christopher has been a fan of the show forever and wished he would have been able to meet more cast members. Perhaps he’ll meet more if he attends some Walker Stalker cons. He did get to meet Andrew Lincoln one day and received great compliments.

"“I did meet Andrew [Lincoln] at craft service on set, and he was terrific. He told me that Norman [Reedus] had been raving about my performance to him, which was awesome! Didn’t get to meet any other cast members though, which was a bummer.”"

Watching the performance, you can tell it was probably a blast to play that kind of arrogant character who bullies the group that the audience loves.

"“Just being there was my favorite, as I’ve been a fan of the show since day one,” Berry says. “Standing toe to toe with Michael [Cudlitz] and delivering that ‘shit’ line was pretty fun, too, not gonna lie.”"

It was pretty fun to watch, too. As were his smug facial expressions. But I’m not gonna lie either, it was even better to see him on fire and hear Abraham say, “Nibble on this!” to the charred, severed head.

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Regarding the car that everyone is talking about, Christopher knows nothing about it. My guess is it’s a random car way off in the distance. But fans love their details.