The Walking Dead promises no more cruel fake-outs

Nicholas and Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC
Nicholas and Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC /

While AMC’s The Walking Dead is known for tugging at the heartstrings of viewers, there is one thing that fans won’t see again: another fake-out death.

The entire internet seemed to go mad following a scene during The Walking Dead‘s sixth season where Glenn dropped into a horde of walkers with Nicholas landing on top of him. The way the scene was shot and how the show left things up in the air regarding his status was interesting television, but left a bad taste in the mouth of many viewers.

Stunts like these can get people talking about upcoming episodes and speculate about what is going on with some of their favorite characters, but it can also put a program in an odd place where shreds of reality can be torn away even in a television show featuring members of the undead.

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Luckily for fans who have a weak heart or don’t care for these kind of tactics on shows, it appears as though we won’t have to deal with another situation like that. According to an article on the Cinema Blend website, Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl Grimes on the hit zombie survival drama) says that there won’t be another situation like that.

"“There’s not going to be another fake-out, like you believe a character is dead and they come back. And it’s like, ‘Just kidding!’ That’s not going to happen again. No way. I do think there are some big and exciting moments, and they’re going to shock a lot of people.”"

In last week’s season 6 midseason premiere, the same kind of tactic could have been used following the shot to the eye that Carl Grimes took to the eye, but instead they decided to use the moment at the end of the episode to continue building a bond between the young man and his father.

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In the past, AMC’s The Walking Dead hasn’t hesitated to repeat themes, such as Glenn being in trouble, finding a settlement and destroying it, and many others, but getting more of the fake-out treatment is something that fans of the show don’t need any more of. Hopefully, Riggs is right and we’ll be saved of any more trickery from the best zombie survival drama ever made.