The Walking Dead issue 152: United In Fear comic recap

The Walking Dead 152 cover - Skybound and Image Comics
The Walking Dead 152 cover - Skybound and Image Comics /

Issue 152 of Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment’s The Walking Dead series was released on March 2, 2016. Here is a recap of what happened in the book.

Issue 152 of The Walking Dead‘s comic book series was released on March 2, 2016 and is titled “United In Fear”. The book continued telling the story of Rick Grimes’s struggle with leading Alexandria following the wake of a horrific attack from The Whisperers and attempting to band his community back together.

The issue picks up just where the last one left off. Eugene is talking to the mysterious voice on the other end of the radio. They seem relieved to finally get a transmission after years of not getting anything. Of course, Eugene is quick to get a bit defensive, and not want to give up any information about his community.

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However, the crafty voice does manage to get information out of Eugene. He divulges that they live in a walled community with hostile humans nearby and that there are about 50 survivors in the group. The voice isn’t impressed with those numbers, as if to say his group’s numbers were much larger.

Finally, Eugene and the voice on the other end agree to speak only to each other and Eugene says the he won’t tell the rest of his group about the transmission until there is more information to disclose.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is working with Dwight on shooting practice. Gabriel is showing great accuracy, but needs to kill the closest walkers first, Dwight tells Gabriel that God would be proud of him. Gabriel isn’t so sure. Then, more walkers come out of the woods and Dwight says that it’s time to make God more proud, but he isn’t sure that Gabriel can show the same kind of accuracy and temperament when it is human targets instead of undead.

Rick Grimes runs into Brandon on the road. Brandon is still fuming about his loss, and Rick tries to give his sympathies, to which Brandon responds by attacking him, shoving Rick to the ground and stomping his face. He continues to beat Rick down until he’s exhausted.

Brandon and Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead comics, Skybound and Image Comics
Brandon and Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead comics, Skybound and Image Comics /

With Brandon out of breath, Rick asks if he’s done beating him yet. Brandon gets even more mad, saying that he’ll kill Rick for what he did to his father. This sets Rick off, as he tells Brandon he’s knows all about his scheming and attacks on his family and people. He says that he was willing to give Brandon a chance, but is considering killing him right there on the spot.

Michonne comes running down the path and tells Rick to stop. Rick stands up, and let’s Brandon know that he’ll be watching him closely, putting him on probation, and that the next step if something happens will be fatal.

Dwight, Gabriel and the rest of the marksmen return to Alexandria, and Gabriel goes to his church. He asks god for forgiveness for being a killer, and a darned good one.

Brandon is back, and he doesn’t like what is going on one bit. He goes to Negan’s cell and lets the diabolical man know that he will be letting him out. Negan laughs and says that they wouldn’t make two feet out of the building because of all the commotion going on in the town. They’d be spotted and punished. But Brandon has a plan for them to sneak out using the caravan as a distraction.

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Then, Brandon’s plan continues. He wants to tell The Whisperers about the planned assault, letting them know the details so they can wipe out Alexandria. Negan tells Brandon he’ll think about it.

The people of Alexandria are painting the words “Silence The Whisperers” on the walls of Alexandria as a reminder for all the horrible things they’ve done. Rick says he wants the people of the community furious at them, but Michonne says that is what caused a lot of trouble in the first place. Just then, one of the people of Alexandria run up to Rick to let him know that they keys to Negan’s cell are missing.

They run to the house where he is being held only to find the door to the cell wide open. And Negan nowhere in sight.

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Issue #153 of The Walking Dead‘s comic book series titled “Heavy Hangs The Head” will be released on April 6th, 2016 from Image and Skybound Comics. Things should start heating up in a major way with Negan now on the loose!