The Walking Dead 611: Knots Untie reader rating and response


Things were moving a little more slowly, at least by Walking Dead standards, and then BOOM! Chaos! So what did Undead Walking readers think? Keep reading to find out.

So even though Jesus overstepped the boundaries of polite “getting to know you” with his rather creepy and invasive investigation of Alexandria in The Next World, this week, in Knots Untie, many of our group set off with him for a visit to Hilltop. Things were a little tense, but everything seemed to be okay… until a group of Hilltoppers (Do we like this name? I just needed to call them something) made it back from a run-in with Negan, and suddenly all hell seemed to break loose.

In the end, Maggie seems to have negotiated a lucrative, though rather terrifying deal with Hilltop on behalf of Alexandria. We know what it means that her group intends to go after Negan (even if we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen), but we’re pretty sure that they don’t quite know what they’re in for. It’s just another way that creators of The Walking Dead continue to keep us coming back.

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The Hilltop Community - The Walking Dead 611
The Hilltop Community – The Walking Dead 611 /

Also, since my previous article, two things have come to my attention. First, the Hilltop obstetrician’s name is Harlen, not Arlen, as I’d sworn that he’d said. Second, there is apparently debate about Daryl’s comment to Abraham about settling down. Depending on who (or what closed captioning service, even) you believe, Daryl either asked Abe, “You think she’d settle?” or “You think shit’s settled?” Come on Daryl, give us a break and stop mumbling.

And now, on to the breakdown of our poll. Once again, voting has slowed down. As with any other kind of voting, people seem more likely to vote when they feel passionately about something, whether for or against. From this I can infer that people are feeling less and less strongly about the episodes in 6B as we’ve gone along, because participation in our polls has decreased each week.

Gregory - The Walking Dead, AMC
Gregory – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Still, the majority of those who did take the time to vote once again gave this episode 4 stars. 64% of 73 voters gave it the highest rating. This is down from 78% last week, and 89% for the mid-season premiere.

25% of respondents gave the episode 3 stars, 11% gave it 2 stars, but for the first time, no one gave it 1 star. So while fans weren’t quite as thrilled with this episode as the first two of 6B, it was still a popular one. Maybe the rest of the viewers didn’t vote because they’re already in hiding from Negan.

Average Reader Rating: 3.53 stars out of 4

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Here’s what a few fans had to say about episode 611, aka “the one where Alexandria discovered Hilltop and decided to go after Negan before he came after them.”

Johnathan Tsui – I’m really worried by the fact that Rick’s crew is way too confident at this point. Underestimating Negan is the last thing you want to do.

Franklin Poff – Just sitting here waiting to meet Negan.

Jack Laustsen – I think Rick wants Maggie to eventually take his place.

Paul Snyder – I’m a little disappointed in this episode but based on AMC actively trying to shut down all spoilers on social media ahead of this week’s episode and what we know is going to happen it’s going to be HUGE!

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Believe it or not, there are only five more episodes this season (*gasp* Wait! How did that happen??), so it won’t be too much longer before we meet the infamous Negan. I know that lots of people are psyched for this, but personally, I’m terrified. Let’s hope that Daryl still has that rocket launcher when that happens…