Walking Dead S06E14 Preview: Carol’s Awakening

Walking Dead S06E14 Preview: Carol's Awakening - Photo Credit - AMC / Screencapped.net - Cass
Walking Dead S06E14 Preview: Carol's Awakening - Photo Credit - AMC / Screencapped.net - Cass /

Carol Met Her Governor Counterpart on the Last Episode of The Walking Dead. Paula represented the future inevitably launching forward, a locomotive going at 500 miles per hour. Full steam ahead. No brakes on this train. The Survival Express.

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was excellent. The whole cast delivered an exceptional performance led by Melissa McBride. Who after this episode should have casting agents knocking on her door with film offers. Her ability to change from weak to strong on a dime is outstanding because she makes it look so believable. A natural born actor.

Paula her rival on this episode really sold the interaction calling her ‘weak’, ‘pathetic’ and setting the stage for the audience to root for Carol. Reminiscent of Taken when a businessman tells Liam Neeson his daughter is just business not personal. Paula gave a superb first class performance, a shame to see her go.

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Yet, Carol realizes what she has become and for the first time shows vulnerability. Not enough to lose her life over, but just enough to show inner conflict.

Meanwhile, Maggie is gradually becoming more and more Governor-esque. The world is much worse than her father ever let on to her, shielding her from the truth. Now there is no more familiar farm to put the wool over her eyes. No Hershel for guidance, no Beth to sympathize with. Maggie is now the opposite of Glenn.

Molls calling herself a ‘dead woman walking’ made her cigarette smoking (a simple prop) a work of art. The moment the audience saw her cough blood into her napkin, chills were felt.

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Daryl is rapidly understanding Rick was right all along at the beginning of Season 6. His answer to Carol says it all. His help was left behind while his bike was taken forward. Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead looks to be action-packed!

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