Fear The Walking Dead adds Michelle Ang to season 2

Charlie - Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, AMC
Charlie - Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, AMC /

After months of watching the Flight 462 promos during The Walking Dead’s 6th season, Michelle Ang will join the cast of Fear The Walking Dead for season 2.

Fear The Walking Dead teased for a long time that one cast member from the Flight 462 miniseries would join the show’s second season.  Now, it has been revealed that Charlie, played by Michelle Ang, will be the survivor of the insane flight.

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As speculated, the airplane that flew over Nick and the other survivors on Fear The Walking Dead was indeed the airplane from Flight 462. The final part of the series of shorts showed the tie-in, with Nick looking up at the sky and seeing the plane. As the plane went down, Charlie and Jake held hands as the military policed the streets near Madison’s house.

Even though this didn’t show who survived the wreck, another promo for the show’s second season shows one of the people from the flight fighting with the main characters from season 1. Check out this promo which has aired during The Walking Dead‘s episode last week.

As you can see, Charlie is in the back behind Alicia and the others, proving that she will be the sole survivor to join the cast. This could be very valuable to the group, as the character played by Michelle Ang seems to have some knowledge of the outbreak and experience dealing with the undead.

Fans may recognize Ang from her previous roles on The Tribe, The Taking of Deborah Morgan, and Big Momma’s House: Like Father Like Son. She has also worked alongside Norman Reedus in the film Triple 9, where she plays Trina Ling.

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At this time, there is no way of knowing when Michelle Ang will make her first appearance as Charlie on Fear The Walking Dead, but fans who can’t wait to dig their teeth into the hit zombie survival drama companion series won’t have to wait much longer. The season 2 premiere is set to air on April 10, 2016 followed by episodes of Talking Dead for the first time ever. Don’t miss it!