Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462: My walker awards

Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462 had only one walker, but he was pretty impressive. I’ve decided to give him a few walker awards for his time in the air.

The crew on Flight 462 are very nice to chat with on Twitter. If you are a Twitter person, you should give them a follow. Jake, Air Marshal Anthony, the flight attendant, Charlie(Alex), and Marcus.

I was chatting with Brett Rickaby, who plays Marcus, the infected, and he was hoping that he had some kind of record as a walker in The Walking Dead history.

We couldn’t be absolutely positive of records, but I can certainly bestow awards upon him. I’ve given walker awards in the past. If you have read some of my articles before, you may be aware of my mild love affair with walkers.

Walkers are the victims. Their ugliness is not intentional. We know they were people before. We have to kill them to save them and us from the ugly that has invaded them. Yet the ugly is beautiful at the same time.

Death has taken their soul and their beauty somewhere else. But what’s left here reminds those that look at it of what used to be inside. No matter how ugly the outside turns, the beauty of what used to be inside makes the outside somehow look as beautiful as the former inside.

Flight 462. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.

Flight 462. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.

On Flight 462, Marcus was bitten, but we don’t know how or when. He is sick and goes into the lavatory. He dies and turns. He gets locked in the lavatory, but his wife lets him out and he bites her. He gets killed by Charlie. Check out the entire miniseries above. (Click the picture to go to the video player at AMC)

Here are my awards for Mr. Marcus:

Best pre-turn puker

 He even gets to use an in-flight vomit bag. Runner up goes to Jim in the RV.

Best eye open upon turning

With the attempt at reviving with the defibrillator and the music, it was brilliant. Runner up goes to Amy.

Walker most likely to be able to guest star in World War Z

Marcus was fast! He was trucking down that aisle! Runner up goes to Little Girl. Bunny Slipper Girl was moving at Rick!

Most Vampiric Zombie

Marcus lunged out of that lavatory right at his wife’s neck! The Vampire LeStat would be proud. Runner up goes to Stephen Vining’s tree intestines walker who bit Carter right in the face and sunk his walker teeth in like a boss.

I hope these are enough Walker Awards to please Mr Rickaby. I am pretty sure he does hold the record for the only on-screen walker on a plane, the only on-screen walker in a bolo tie and the only on-screen walker kill with a knitting needle.

I’d say that’s a pretty eventful flight.