The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan shows birth of Lucille

Negan - Here's Negan, Image+ and Skybound
Negan - Here's Negan, Image+ and Skybound /

The first page from Here’s Negan was released and will help tell the backstory of The Walking Dead’s big bad villain in Image+ magazine starting in April.

With Negan’s big debut on AMC’s The Walking Dead and his freedom in the comic book series, everybody seems to be falling in love or hate with the big bad guy. His charisma and sense of humor make him one of the most fun characters in the universe, and Image Comics and Skybound want to use that momentum to help tell a little more of his story.

According to a post on the website, a new series titled Here’s Negan will feature four pages of original artwork explaining a little more about the character’s origins. It is called Image+ and will be included with issues of Image’s PREVIEWS magazine each month for the next 12 months, at a rate of 4 pages per month. Of, if you’re not interested in PREVIEWS, the Image+ comic can be purchased for $2.99 starting on April 27, 2016.

To help promote this project, the first page of the series has been released and it shows Negan working with a baseball bat. In fact, he’s winding barbed wire around the bat and creating his iconic weapon, which he affectionately calls “Lucille”.

Here is the first page of Here’s Negan from Image+ as hosted on

Negan and Lucille - Here's Negan, Image+ and Skybound
Negan and Lucille - Here's Negan, Image+ and Skybound /

If the first page of the series is Negan creating Lucille, then the other 47 pages should also have some major moments that fans may be very interested in. Despite being one of the most bloodthirsty characters from The Walking Dead‘s comic books, fans have always found Negan to be charming and almost hard to hate because of his interesting character.

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Be on the lookout for Here’s Negan part 1, included in PREVIEWS magazine as part of Image Comics’ new Image+ program. Hopefully, this series, combined with the fantastic comic books, toys, games, and AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead can help fans make it through the long break until October, when Negan and The Walking Dead return for season 7.