Fear the Walking Dead: Charlie survived Flight 462

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Flight 462 and Fear the Walking Dead finally collide this week. Charlie survived. We will find out more on Sunday’s episode when our group finds the ruins from the crash.

Remember the plane that Nick saw flying over Los Angeles near his house that seemed to weave out of control as he was looking through a window looking for a pharmaceutical score and got caught by the little girl and played it off with a cute little wave?

That was Flight 462. Patrick returned home not long after that announcing that they had closed down LAX as he walked to the back yard and found his infected wife Susan.

If you missed any if Flight 462, we’ve got you covered! It’s a quick, 15-minute webisode miniseries that was shown in 16 parts during commercial breaks during season 6 of The Walking Dead. All 16 parts are right here and are terrific played at one time.

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It was teased that one or more characters from the miniseries would join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead for Season 2. As we know now, at least some of the teasing is over because we see in some trailers that Charlie has survived. It looks like the texting stand-by boy, Jake, injured in the raft so we’ll have to wait on his fate.

Check out what happens aboard the flight that we will see post-crash Sunday.

When we did a poll early in Flight 462, Jake and Charlie were the favorites for the characters to join Fear the Walking Dead so fans should be happy to see them on land.

Charlie should be a great survivor with her skills with a knitting needle and her knowledge of brain trauma and her ability to understand that the walkers are not people and killing them, as Travis had to do for Liza is saving them. An act of mercy, as Daniel described it.

It should be quite interesting to see Charlie potentially tangle with Madison, Travis, Strand and/or Daniel. She ain’t no punk. But she has compassion as well. She understood Marcus’ wife’s desire to be with her husband and she was sorry for taking Jake’s mom’s stand-by seat.

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As far as Jake’s mom’s seat goes. Perhaps that was a blessing in disguise and Charlie’s “I’m sorry,” was like Nicholas’ “Thank you,” because now Jake’s mom might still be alive. If Jake does make it, it’s because Charlie was there.