Fear The Walking Dead 206: Sicut Cervus reader rating and response

Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) in S2E6Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) in S2E6Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /

When the episode opens with a whole church full of people bleeding from the eyes, for a reason that had nothing to do with walkers, you know that Fear The Walking Dead is getting serious. This is exactly what happened in last weekend’s episode, Sicut Cervus. Read on to find out what our readers thought about it.

The hacienda in Mexico where Travis and the rest of the group end up reminded me of the Greene family’s farm on The Walking Dead, especially when we found out that they were storing a whole bunch of walkers out back. At least they had the sense to keep them behind a wrought iron gate… but still!

What I learned from episode 206 is that Celia is a scary, scary person. What I learned from the poll that we posted after Sicut Cervus last Sunday night is that Undead Walking readers apparently like scary monsters: 206 was the highest rated episode of the season so far, according to our weekly polls.

To say that episode 206 was more popular than 205 would be quite an understatement. 4 star ratings in our Undead Walking polls were up 11% from 56% to 67%, and 3 star ratings rose slightly as well, from 20% to 24%. The lower ratings fell, of course (because that’s how math works and percentages have to add up to 100), with 2 star ratings dropping from 13% to 5% and 1 star ratings going from 11% to 4%.

Average Reader Rating: 3.54 stars out of 4

While 69% of our readers rated episode 203, Ouroboros, as 4 stars – which was 2% higher than last week’s 67% 4 star rating, Sicut Cervus’ overall rating was higher than that of Ouroboros. This is because while 3 and 4 star ratings totaled 91% for both episodes, 1% of votes came in for 2 stars and 8% for 1 star for Ouroboros, while 5% of votes came in for 2 stars and 4% for 1 star in Sicut Cervus. In other words, it was very close.

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Here’s what some readers had to say about Sicut Cervus, aka “the one where Chris acts almost as crazy as Celia.”

Ricktatorship: 4 stars! The best episode of FTWD. Madison and Travis should just let it go, they’re done. Geez at this point I think Lori would be an improvement over Madison. Madison isn’t a very supportive wife and the way she treats Nick is terrible. Chris needs a timeout and Salazar keeps delivering for the group. The mid season finale is going to be good!

terminusbbq: Another great episode. 4 stars. No doubt in my mind Strand loved Thomas. Celia is crazy. Something bad is going to happen next week. I think we are losing one from the main cast.

CatheMae: Liked it. Thought it was a 4. I’m still unsure whether Chris killed Reid or Reid turned and Chris shot him trying to put him down. The same thing happened in season 2 of TWD when Daryl shot Annette Greene in the face. Evidently he missed the brain but she was out for awhile and woke up to grab Beth.

ZomTalk with DrLora: Although tonight’s was 4 stars for me,  I won’t be able to handle much longer at this location.

Henmar Martinez: 5 stars!

Clark Zickafoose: It was pretty tense and a little dark. But that’s what the show is so 4 stars.

Charlie: I like that everyone was included in the story. Celia is not Abigail’s mother, but she is Luis’… so?

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We’ve been promised a shocking cliffhanger on tonight’s mid-season finale, so it will be interesting to see what happens. If it involves someone doing something crazy, my money is on either Celia or Chris at this point, but you just never know…