Fear the Walking Dead S02E07 Preview: ‘Shiva’

Fear the Walking Dead S02E07 Preview: 'Shiva' - Photo Credit: AMC / Screencapped.net - sayuri_x
Fear the Walking Dead S02E07 Preview: 'Shiva' - Photo Credit: AMC / Screencapped.net - sayuri_x /

Fear the Walking Dead is taking a horror big-cinema style on tonight’s episode. In Resident Evil 4 fashion, the group discovers these villagers are not their friends…. In fact they’re a bit strange.

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘Shiva’ Teaser Trailer

Date Night

Last week we witnessed Nick cozying up a little closer to Ofelia, going on one strange date. Then hey, you can’t blame the guy. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, whether it’s a romcom at the theater or a shrine with an owl head on a tree.

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“Stay away from Celia” – Madison

Viewers also saw Celia embrace Nick as if her own son. Cooking Nick a light meal and being touched by his emotional gesture when explaining the loss of Luis.

She told Madison he’s ‘very special’ but Madison is quite wary of this new found platonic relationship. Madison is suspicious of Celia’s intentions and beliefs, calling her own son Nick ‘fragile and impressionable’ during a tense afternoon conversation. Sending subtle passive-aggressive vibes to Celia.

It looks like tonight Celia’s had enough after Strand vanquished her walker son. She plans to kick the whole group out of her house, and only relents from doing further as a last favor to Nick. Will an ‘innocent’ cookie be sent their way? Celia has a deceptive horror film-like ambience on Fear the Walking Dead. Almost like she arrived right out of an American Horror Story episode.

Chris’ Sanity

Chris is losing it. On the last episode, if Strand’s shot hadn’t woken up Madison and Alicia there’s no telling what would have happened. Bitter at Madison’s lack of belief in his walker tales, he now actively seeks to eliminate Madison and Alicia (who told Madison that he stood by when she was attacked by a walker). Will his sanity continue to slip to the point the group has to make a difficult ‘Lizzie’ style decision?

Strand’s not done yet

After vanquishing his partner who was in the midst of turning to a walker, Strand’s obviously not welcome anymore by Celia.

Celia believed as long as the head remains unharmed the dead are able to live on in the after life. She also now sees Strand as a coward for not taking her poison cookie to go out for love. It looks like Strand might be planning to remove the rest of the town’s captive walkers if he gets the opportunity. Either way it looks like a turning point is about to happen on Fear the Walking Dead, as both sides embark full throttle to clash.

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Daniel’s First Sign of Vulnerability

Daniel appears to get ambushed in the conclusion of tonight’s preview trailer. It would be a first for Daniel Salazar who has been a mighty unrelenting force on Fear the Walking Dead till now. Will he be able to escape his opponent’s clutches?

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