The Walking Dead: Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2016

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Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2016 is in the books. The event took place over a sunny Memorial Day weekend  at a convention center in the Windy City near O’Hare Airport.

I walked through the aisles of vendors, artists and exhibits. I met celebrity guests and I attended panels during my 2 days at Walker Stalker Con.

Since I returned I’ve written several articles about my experiences. I’m gathering them all here for you in one place. Click on the bold links to read more about each topic.

This was my first Walker Stalker Con. I’d love to save my money and perhaps go to one in Atlanta for a different selection of guests. I’m sure I’ll go back to Chicago again next year. Here is a recap of my first time at Walker Stalker!

Michael Cudlitz brought the Bisquick challenge to his booth as he’s been doing ever since Abraham asked Glenn that creatively worded question about Maggie’s pregnancy. Read about the Bisquick Challenge!

I met quite a few celebrity guests during the two days I was in attendance. Read about the actors I met and see some of my pictures!  When I met Tyler James Williams, he talked to me about the walkers in his death scene.

The panels are a great way to see the celebrities without standing in lines. During the panels you get to hear the actors talk about the show and see them in a relaxed setting. I saw three panels: Michael Rooker,  Fear the Walking Dead: Chris and Tobias, and The Revolving Door Brothers: Nicholas and Noah. 

I sat down at José Cantillo’s table. José was Martinez in Woodbury with The Governor.  José has created a card game that he shows at Walker Stalker.  It was a fun game. I talked to José on the phone after the con and wrote about his game, Free Me! 

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I hope you enjoy Walker Stalker Con Chicago with me through my stories, even if you weren’t able to be there. Or perhaps you were there and my memories remind you of your great time.

Happy walker stalking!