Was issue 159 of The Walking Dead comic book series any good?

Jesus - The Walking Dead 159, Image Comics and Skybound Entertaiment
Jesus - The Walking Dead 159, Image Comics and Skybound Entertaiment /

The Walking Dead comic issue 159 titled The Whisperer War came out on October 5, 2016, but was ‘The Whisperer War Part 3 of 6’ good or did it fall flat?

Issue 159 of The Walking Dead is now in the books and there is a lot that needs to be discussed from “The Whisperer War Part 3 of 6”. Nearly every major character took some kind of hit or made a change that could impact them going forward.

If you don’t know what happened in the issue, it is HIGHLY ADVISED that you check out the issue recap or read the book yourself first, since all of the major stories from the pages will be discussed in this review.


The biggest takeaway from The Walking Dead 159 was the loss of Lucille. For a while, it looked as though the barbed-wire baseball bat would be an iconic part of the universe forever, acting as a scepter for the leader of The Saviors. However, that won’t be the case since Negan shattered the bat over the back of Beta.

Lydia and Carl - The Walking Dead 159, Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics
Lydia and Carl – The Walking Dead 159, Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics /

What this means for Negan has yet to be seen. We all know what the bat represents to him at this point and why it is more of a character than a weapon in the zombie apocalypse, but will the emotional connection to the weapon help to focus Negan or will it send him into a spiral?

Of course, the situation with Lydia and Carl is big as well. We’ve all seen the way Lydia looks at Carl, so there is definitely some kind of emotional connection there. While it might not be love, Lydia is pushing someone away just like she always saw her mom do and just like she learned from watching and experiencing The Whisperers.

This does give some hope that maybe something can happen between Carl and Sophia now, but it is still more likely that once this is all over that Lydia and Carl will return to being a future power couple.

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The Kingdom seems to be finding its focus, as William is finally doing what is needed to shut up Zachary. The rumblings of dissent from Rick’s group needed to be quieted, and William knew that the best way to do that was to intimidate the loudest voice. However, it will be interesting to see how Zachary responds to this.

Dwight’s idea to go undercover as a member of The Whisperers is one that fans have been clamoring for. Now, they won’t have to face the massive number of walkers and can focus on figuring out who the humans are among the dead.

On the other hand, this won’t slow down the horde much as they move toward the communities. But thinning out the humans from the walkers will make it easier if they do reach the walls of any group.

This was another great installment in The Whisperer War that will keep building up to what should be an amazing finale. While it wasn’t packed with death, the losses and heartbreak were enough for any fan to feel emotion while reading.

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Now comes the long wait until November 2, 2016. That is when issue 160 of The Walking Dead titled “The Whisperer War Part 4 of 6” will be released from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment. Hopefully, it can continue what has already been a very entertaining war between two very capable groups of survivors.