When does The Walking Dead 160 comic come out?

The Walking Dead issue 160 cover - Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
The Walking Dead issue 160 cover - Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

When is the release date of issue 160 of The Walking Dead comic book  titled ‘The Whisperer War part 4 of 6’ from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment?

The story is heating up in a big way on the pages of The Walking Dead‘s comic book series. The big war against The Whisperers has been a bloody mess with major losses on both sides, and it is only halfway done.

‘The Whisperer War part 4 of 6’ is the 160th installment in the series and should pick up right where the previous issue left off. And that is a good thing, because there is a lot that will need to be covered.

For those waiting to read the new issue of The Walking Dead, the wait is almost over. Issue 160 will be released on Wednesday, November 2, 2016. Of course, physical copies can be bought wherever comics are sold, but the digital version is on ComiXology for just $2.99 as a pre-order which will be delivered as soon as the issue is released.

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There is no way of knowing what is next for the series. With the survivors attempting to divide and conquer the zombie horde to figure out who is human and who is undead, the plan seems to be thinning the crowd before they reach Alexandria.

Dwight looks to be fighting fire with fire. He’s tired of fighting a clean fight and has taken to the ways of The Whisperers, camouflaging himself as one of their group.

Still, there is a lot of turmoil around the communities and each one has some major things going on, but that story will be revealed as the war continues.

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The Walking Dead issue 160 should be another great issue, but it might be heartbreaking as well. Considering the focus on Lydia and Carl on the cover, there is concern that something big could go down with these characters, and fans of the comics have learned anything can happen on the pages of these amazing comics.